Carpe Diem Condo-Playitas

$130 USD per Night



1 Bedroom  - 1  Bathroom - Kitchenette - Dining Area - Living Room - Laundry Area - Gated Private Parking Space


In this modern and cozy condo called Carpe Diem, there is one bedroom with a queen size bed, and a spectacular view of the Sea of Cortez. You will have the ideal space to escape and enjoy time with your partner, a girls trip or a small family. Enjoy a relaxed and calm atmosphere and 180 degree views of the sea from the second floor balcony. Enjoy your coffee while watching the whales or see how many kites you can count on a windy day.

900 sq. ft.

Min. Stay: 3 Nights

4 people

1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom