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crescent moon

Culture for children

Culture for children


Crescent Moon

Childhood is a treasured edge where the foundations of intelligence, personality, and social skills are created, and it's truly important to have quality programs available to help children develop their skills. 

Crescent Moon is a project created to help children to express themselves peacefully through arts, culture, and language. We also are looking to finish with the lack of cultural activities available for children after school.


We rely completely on your support and donations. 

Art promotes creativity and expression, art making at a young age has many benefits for kid - physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.


Crescent Moon has been ongoing for a month, and it is amazing how the community steps up to take care of our children. In the beginning, we were planning to sponsor 4 painting lessons for 10 children, but thanks to all the support we got there was room for 30 children, and instead of opening just one program we opened 3! 


Children want to continue with their classes!

If you have some artistic skills and you would like to lead an art class, group, or workshop, please contact me at priscilla@losbarriles.life and let me know! This is a great opportunity to give back to our community. We need your help to include more children in our programs.

The Programs

Current Programs

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Art Garage


The Craft Club

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Art for Children

The Programs

Current Programs

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Art Garage


The Craft Club

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Art for Children

Upcoming Programs

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Would you like to volunteer?

Let us know!

All of crescent moon's programs are sponsored by donations and are 100% free for children who are part of it. 

Hopefully, new programs will be added as soon as the new normality and your support can allow it.

All the safety measures are being taken very seriously and children will be well protected. 

Why Crescent Moon?


 I started thinking of schools or tutors I could find in the future for Luna (my 1-year-old baby) based on the things I wished I could have done and learned when I was a child growing up in Los Barriles. Things I couldn't do because back in the ‘90s this beautiful town was a very different place. There was no school of dance, no language academies, and certainly not an internet to use to learn something on your own. Surprisingly, 30 years later, we still don't have all these kinds of programs available for children. I realized too that Luna is not the only child in Los Barriles, so why not try to bring these programs to other children too? 

Priscilla Duran

  • Active member of Los Barriles Community.

  • Founder of Crescent Moon project

  • Co-Manager at Cafe Maria - Restaurant

  • Club Rotario Los Barriles - Communication Leader

  • Cortez Rescue Translator and Interpreter

  • Real Estate Advisor at Coldwell Banker Riveras

  • Entrepreneur at Social Flamingo MX - Marketing advisors and social media for small businesses

Contact me at priscilla@losbarriles.life / 6121585762

How to help?

- Make a donation via Paypal through our Paypal donation buttons

- Drop-in a donation at Cafe Maria- Restaurant or at Coldwell Banker Riveras Los Barriles, just ask for Priscilla. 

- Make a donation when you see our donation boxes located in some businesses around the town.

I thank you in advance for your support, I'm looking forward to showing how your help can change a child's life. Thank you!

Priscilla Duran.

Our Friends

Special thanks to Club Rotario Los Barriles Cabo de Este and Asociación de Artes who are friends with Crescent Moon Project and are an important part of its launching.