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Art for Children

The art for children program started last Wednesday, February 17th, two groups of 5 children each are taking art classes at Xochitl's studio, where they're learning about basic painting.

Now we are trying to include a drawing class!


Xochitl Rivera is well known in the East Cape as a talented artist and we are fortunate to have her involved in this program.


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Help us to keep these programs ongoing..

The Craft Club

We were planning to open the craft club for 5 children by the 1st week of March, but thanks to the support of our amazing community we were able to open this program for 18 children!! 


This program started on March 06th, it lasted 5 weeks (instead of 4), and it was led by a local teacher who has experience working with young children development, her name is Yedid Castro. 

We got donations to pay for the course and we got materials donated too! This program became popular among children very quickly that we have some children on the waiting list to join the club in April.  


Now we are planning to include a group for toddlers! 


Please support all our program by making a donation

The Art Garage

We are so thankful to Priscilla Watts who volunteered to lead this fun program! While they work on craft and art projects, children have the opportunity to learn, practice, and speak some English. This is a great chance for them to start communicating in a second language without even noticing it!

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Please support all our program by making a donation

- Every class has a cost of $200 pesos per student.

- This program has a cost of $4,000 pesos monthly for the group.

If you would like to support this program, you can:

- Make a donation via Paypal through our Paypal donation button

- Drop-in a donation at Cafe Maria- Restaurant 

- Make a donation when you see our donation boxes located in some businesses around the town.

For this program, donations of material are very useful, such as: drawing notebooks, drawing pencils, erasers, paint, and paintbrushes.  


If you would like to donate any of these materials or join as a volunteer please contact me at


Without your support continue these classes would not be possible.