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Welcome to
Los Barriles Rotary Club

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Los Barriles is a small town located on the East Cape of the Baja California peninsula, AKA the baja peninsula. Surrounded by the sea of Cortez, and just 40 minutes away from the international airport of Los Cabos, many visitors have chosen this beautiful little town as their own vacation paradise and eventually their retirement home. This town became popular in the past thanks to the sportfishing activities, but now days many more activities are practiced here like wind surfing and kite boarding, but if you’re not into water sports the hills around are perfect for hiking and bike riding, kilometers of swimmable non-crowded beaches are perfect for horse rides.  As you see, there’s a lot to do here, don’t hesitate and visit us!

If you would like to learn more about our Club visit our website 

Join our meetings

During the winter and spring we meet every wednesday morning at 9:00 am at La Playa restaurant, since the pandemica started we’ve been alternating between in person and Zoom meetings. Please contact us at if you would like to join one of our meetings.

Meet our president

We’ve modified our goals and objectives for this season taking into account the COVID-19 restrictions in order to help stop the spread of this virus and always prioritizing the safety and security of our members and guests.

When the pandemic started we faced one of the biggest challenges ever. Hundreds of families along the East Cape lost their job either temporarily or permanently so they were not able to provide for their families, our community stepped up creating food banks to support and provide the most basic needs for the families in the East Cape. 

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Robert (Bob) Adams - Rotary Club of Los Barriles Cabo de Este’s President 2021-2022.

We’ve been adapting ourselves to this new reality and we are looking forward to returning to some of the projects that we paused due to the COVID-19 as the regulations allow it and anybody’s safety is compromised; saying this, fundraising has become a major challenge, planning events and meetings is uncertainty when the safety measures change and new variants can appear suddenly, but as we all learn to stay connected online the new internet tools help us to find new rotary friends around the world.

The 2021-2022 is going to be a good season.


  • Dec 04th, 2021 - Taste of East Cape: Food festival to celebrate the most delicious cuisine in the East Cape.

  • Feb 12th, 2022 - Romance Dinner and Dance - Bring your significant othe for a fun night

  • Continue with El Ancon athletic center- Finish the bathrooms.

  • Pursue donors for the new storage, snack bar, and dining area at the new athletic complex

  • Continue water filter distributions to ranchos in the San Antonio area

  • Host the Monterey Rotary Club Teacher Exchange (global grant hosts)

  • Host the Squamish Rotary Club

  • Pursue a global grant for to aid the orphanage at El Cardonal

  • Establish a Rotaract Club for our East Cape area

  • Continue to support Crescent Moon artistic and cultural activities for children

  • Work with other local Los Barriles groups to improve garbage collection and palapas on our beaches.


There is still a lot to do for our community, the list of needs never ends, but it's encouraging to see all the people willing to support and step up for those who need us the most.  Everyone is welcome to our club, for in-person meetings or on zoom, just let us know you're interested and we'll be happy to meet you!.

Some of our projects

Crescent Moon's fundraising

Crescent moon is a project we started to open art spaces for children. We raise money to pay art, craft and language classes for children in the area.In this picture we guided a watercolor lesson for adults. The classes are 100% free for children.


In a country where revolutions are celebrated with lots of dancing and fireworks, a quieter revolution slipped by last week with very little notice. The grand opening of our newly refurbished Library and new Tech Center happened Friday, August 30th, attended by happy teachers and students, including the entire Third Grade.

East Cape Guild 2019 Award Ceremony

This year a total of 168 youths received scholarships at the Guild’s Annual Awards Ceremony on May 18th 2019: 18 college scholarships (3 from Rotary, 6 Costa Palmas, and 9 from the Guild) and 150 high school scholarships were awarded. Rotary President Ken Phillips with recipients (photos compliments of John Plotkin).


2019 Free Pancake Breakfast at the Los Barriles La Cancha. Photos by Mike Koehn

East Cape Health and Rotary Medical Screening March 2019

East Cape Health and Los Barriles Rotary offered free health screening to the community of El Campamento. Photography by John Plotkin


TASTE OF EAST CAPE 2018 November 23, 2018 Compliments of John Plotkin and Ivan Kaiser


Labor and custom training by Tahoe Douglas Rotary Club. Photography by Mike Koehn

CARNAVAL 2019 by John Plotkin

Carnaval 2019 in Los Barriles, photography by John Plotkin

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