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This beautiful Spa is a must during your visit to the East Cape, located at the amazing community of Los Barriles, this hidden jewel is a Paradise of Relaxation with an array of relaxing health and beauty treatments.


Very kind people, extremely clean, excellent massages... I love a deep pressure hot stone massage and the delivered... able to accommodate light to heave pressure. We wrill definitely be back! Excellent value!

—Kathryn Carlisle

  • Serenity

Mini Facial, Legs & Feet Massage

& Body Scrub

  • Revitalizing

Body Scrub & Mini Facial

90 min - $97

  • Energizing

Body Scrub & Pedicure

  • Dream of Pedicure & Manicure

​​Complete Pedicure and Manicure

120 min - $40


Swedish Massage & Facial

  • Paradise

Swedish Massage & Mango Tango


  • Spa Vida

120 min - $117

120 min - $127

120 min - $147

120 min - $87


  • Hydrating Facial

60 min - $70

​​Designed to provide healing and hydration to the skin while stimulating and rejuvenating skin cells at a deeper level / face massae with jade included.

  • Anti-aging Facial

60 min - $80

Designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin,

and reduce wrinkles, combining the techniques of gua shas and cuping / face massage with onyx stones.

  • Deep Cleaning Facial

60 min - $90

Special for dehydrated, damaged by the sun, mature or acne skins; it creates a cleaner, younger, brighter, and more beautiful look.

  • Mini Facial

30 min - $35

Special to hydrate and clean all types of skins.


  • Legs & Feet

45 min - $50

Recommended for those who spends many hours being stand up.

  • Back & Neck

30 min - $35

Intense style massage, it combines the Sports and the Swedish techniques, providing relief from spasm and muscle fatigue.

  • Swedish

60 min - $65

90 min - $90

Release tension and help the muscles and joints reaffirmation with this massage, its relaxing effects favor the blood circulation, improve the immune system and the toxin elimination.

  • Sports

60 min - $70

90 min - $95

A combination of traditional massage with stretching and trigger-point therapy. This deep tissue style massage is ideal to enhance athletic performance as well as muscle recovery after exercising.

  • Hot Stones

90 min - $120

Smooth, flat, heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body, helping you to relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

60 min - $70

  • Personalized Massage

This massage works according to anybody's needs. We will focus on the specific areas that you would like to cover.

Let us know the techniques and the pressure that suit you better and we will create the perfect experience for you.


Body Treatments

All of our exfoliating treatments include a delightful massage finishing into a relaxing and moisturizing experience.

  • Body Scrub

60 min - $70

Experience the antioxidant benefits of our treatments. Enjoy our variety of products to exfoliate your skin while stimulating the blood flow through the body, these refreshing exfoliation leaves your entire body smooth, soft, and rejuvenated. A body scrub is a must if you like to sun-tan.

45 min - $50

  • Pedicure with Reflexology

75 min - $35

Fulfill your reflexology treatment with a complete pedicure service.

  • Reflexology

This ancient Chinese technique relieves stress to unblock the body's vital energy flow. It stimulates the pressure points on your feet to heal your body, reduce stress, anxiety, and pain.


  • Polish Change


  • French Polish


  • Gel Polish


  • Manicure


  • Spa Manicure


  • Pedicure

  • Spa Pedicure




  • Acupuncture for Body Pain

60 min - $62 USD

  • Cupping Therapy

60 min - $70 USD

  • Auriculotherapy

30 min - $23 USD

  • Facial Acupuncture

60 min - $62 USD


Waxing Treatments

  • Underarm

$20 USD

  • Eyebrow

$15 USD

  • Upper Lip

$10 USD

  • Face

$10 USD

  • Full Arm

$15 USD

  • Full Leg

$50 USD

  • Half Leg

$30 USD