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Frida's Masterpiece March 2021

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Frida is a sweet girl from Los Barriles, she is an only daughter, and she is 10 years old. She joined the Art For Children program with the artist Xochitl Rivera at her studio Yoloxochitl art studio, from the beginning, and she loved it!

She has been amazed by her progress from day 1, and it's very cool how Xochitl challenges the children's talent for them to develop more creative skills. I bet she is used to hearing children trying to postpone a paint and to start another one when they find an obstacle; I'm glad that she guides them until they finish their work creating the habit of not quitting something that is not super easy.

There is a lot of learning in these classes, children learn to unblock their creativity, they learn about constancy and determination, but overall, they learn to express themselves.

We are in a new world where a 10 years old girl made a beautiful painting of herself wearing a mask; this painting would have been so much different if we were in 2020.

For over a year we've been experiencing negative and positive feelings, especially children who sometimes don't have the experience enough to understand the world. How important could be to teach them to express themselves through arts? Arts are a vital part of human history.

Please consider donating to the Crescent Moon Project to keep the Art for Children program ongoing, just like Frida more children are learning to express themselves peacefully, telling us their history.

* This program has a cost of $200 pesos per child, per class (800-1,000 pesos a month per child) *

Contact Priscilla Duran @ to discuss anything related to this program. Would you like to volunteer? Let me know! *

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