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Our first fundraising event was a success!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Last Friday, June 11th, we had a great and fun evening during our first watercolor and margaritas fundraising!

Since the summer days started a lot of residents began to leave Los Barriles to spend some time with their loved ones at their homes in the Estates, the low season was having an impact on our project and it was at risk of being paused during the summer.

Thanks to the support of 30+ amazing women who came to our fundraising we raised enough funds to go through summer! We enjoyed some delicious margaritas and other drinks from Edwin and Samantha at Cafe Maria Restaurant while our friend Melissa guided a fun watercolor lesson.

Everybody was laughing and enjoying sharing an evening with their friends, it was just the perfect excuse to explore our creativity and imagination. We even made a raffle! sponsored by Spa Vida, especially thanks to Nancy Gonzalez.

This project has been alive since February this year, sponsoring art, craft, and language lessons to over 40 children in Los Barriles, most of them regularly. The classes have been 100% free for them and we cannot stop now.

Everybody left showing their wishes of having another watercolor and margaritas night soon!

If you're not in town and you would like to support this program for children, please consider making a Paypal donation at

Thanks again for supporting Crescent Moon!

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