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10 Great Storm Prep Ideas+More from our community

Hurricane season is here 🌀 As Tropical Storm Celia spins off the tip of Baja California it’s a perfect reminder that it’s never too early to get things ready for a big storm. The wind in this system brought down tree branches, tore up tents and knocked out power. Here’s a few tips to do now to be sure you’re ready.

1. Trim up your trees. The rain means extra growth. Trim everything up now. Take the extra weight off your favorite branches to ensure they have a better chance of remaining intact.

2. Remove all the debris you just cut, so it doesn’t become a bug haven with this moisture!

3. Know where your flashlights, lanterns and solar chargers are, ensure they have extra batteries if needed.

4. If you’re not using your patio furniture- it’s easier to tuck it away now versus when the rain is dumping and the lightning is striking. Saves it from the daily sun beat down too.

5. On your grocery trips, grab a few extra non-perishable items, so when everyone panics, you’re ready.

6. Check your propane tanks are full.

7. Have a few extra water jugs for toilet flushing, cooking, hand washing etc-when the electricity is out many systems can no longer deliver water.

8. Keep your vehicles gassed up and your extra gas cans full in case the roads go out and the refuelers can’t make it to us.

9. Have windows or doors that don’t impact your view, add the storm shutters now. Helps save on electricity bills too!

10. Most importantly-be flexible and kind. It’s the season where more than ever, we help each other out.

11. From Kathy in LB: “make sure you have extra money from the ATM“ they run out in storms-you may need more than normal to refuel propane and gas. Normal places that accept cards may be unable to. She also shared ”you can never have too much water.”

If you’re staying in our rentals, know we will keep you in the know and all units have flashlights! Not all of our houses have generators so keep this in mind when booking during storm season. Much is out of our control, but we will do our best because vacations must go on!! 🌧 or ☀️

What’s your favorite hurricane tip?!


Priscilla and Melissa

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