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Article for East Capers Magazine - April 2021

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

First of all, I'd like to thank our amazing community for supporting the Crescent Moon project's phase 1. The Classes started last February 17th with 10 children going to the "art for children" program with Xochitl Rivera for 4 weeks, thanks to your donations we successfully accomplished that, and were able to extend this program until April 1st plus we opened two more programs!!

I am grateful to all the people who drove to Cafe Maria and drop art and craft supplies, we also got cash and Paypal donations. And right now we have two volunteers for teaching art classes, which is priceless.

I'd like to recognize especially the Club Rotario of Los Barriles and the Art Association who are key friends to this project, with their guidance and support we were able to open the classes for around 30 children instead of only 10!

Right now, we have 3 programs ongoing; the "art for children" with Xochitl Rivera has 12 students, the "Craft Club" with Yedid Castro has 18 students, and the "Art Garage" with Priscilla Watts (not me, Priscilla Watts) has 10 students. I was there to meet the parents and children on day one and I go often to see how the children are doing and let me tell you they're so happy and excited about this opportunity.

Parents call me all the time to let me know their children are loving the classes, and that art is all they talk about, which is great since for most of the children these classes have been their introduction to the art world. Eventually, they make me a question that I don't know how to answer all the time, they want to know how long Crescent Moon is going to be open and what other programs will be available in the future, they want their children to keep having the opportunity of learning arts.

Unfortunately, our budget is being used at its limit. Some children are on the waiting list and the low season is about to start. With the number of children that we have right now the costs raise 25,000 pesos a month, so please consider donating and help me to maintain these programs ongoing and including more children. If you want to make a deductible donation, you can do it through the Art Association.

Luckily we have two new volunteers, one for another art class and the other one for a music program, and the English class is under preparation as well. I'm hoping to be able to announce these new programs by middle April.

Visit Crescent Moon's website and social media to learn more about this project , and don't hesitate to contact me at if you would like to talk about it!

The past few days I've seen that Los Barriles is much more than a beach town with many restaurants, white sand, and turquoise water. We live in a blessed community where everybody helps everybody and that is something we definitely should be proud and thankful for.

Thanks again for your support,

Priscilla Duran, from Cafe Maria, Club Rotario, CBRiveras and Crescent Moon Project.

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