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Working from Home Update

By the end of June we had to make the hard decision of pausing the classes in person due to the third wave of Covid-19 that was hitting our estate and sadly our town. It was a very sad moment for our project, but we couldn’t run the risk of having a contagious inside the groups of children. Although we were hoping this new pich lasts just for a couple of weeks, it is till here.

We’ve been evaluating the events every week looking forward to open the classes in person as soon as possible, but it is just not safe for the children, our teachers and their families, so we had the idea of making art kits for children to work at home, by themselves and under their parents supervision, it turned to be a great idea!!!

We have given away 25 art kits! And as you can notice in the children's faces they’re really happy!

This first art kit was a piggy bank and it included all the supplies to decorate it, like a brush, acrylic paint, some wood shapes, glue, foam, etc. Stay tuned on our Facebook page to see the final results and the awesome and pretty job that the children have made.

Special thanks to The Art Association for its constant support!

Please consider making a donation and help us to continue opening art spaces for children!

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